Adventure Log 24- I thought we said we weren't going to lie to each other!

aka. The death of the Weed that Walks, and the discovery of Naerytar


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This session was one of my favorites to date. Tons of roleplaying, lots of laughs, and Raven even got to erase some tattoos, although the jury is still out on whether he’s being coerced by Tom to do so (of course he is it’s Tom, but I digress). Initially we spent time in Water Deep preparing for our journey and arming ourselves up. D’Angelo did a ton of covert research into the situation with the Farseer of Illusk, and numerous other pieces of the puzzle that we had been given so far, and was able to supply the party with a great deal of information about what was to come in the mire. Marros and Matrom, in addition to acting as Raven’s religious ambassadors, were able to do good works for their church and further the name of Tyr by bringing aid to those in need. Marros was able to bring a few more into the fold, and I’m sure that somewhere up above Tyr smiled down on him.

Overall, the mire was none too inviting. On the onset, the lizard men, weed that walks, as well as the Will-O-Wisps seemed like they might be too much to handle. Not to mention the muck and mire that we would have had to endure had D’Angelo not kept us constantly walking on water. A big shout out for helping us avoid that one. Are you multi-classing into a ranger by any chance?

As for the martial side of the adventure, it is honestly a toss up for me whether I enjoyed the fight with the lizard men more, or the Shambling Mound. The fact that we barely made it through both fights is certainly a testament to our party’s martial and mental prowess. It also didn’t hurt that everyone the Shambling Mound swallowed rolled exceptionally well on their saving throws to resist being digested by that beast.

We ended our session cresting over a large hill and seeing the tower of Naerytar off in the distance. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but something in the pit of my quantum stomach tells me the multiverse has something in store for us before we storm the castle…I suppose that only time will reveal the details. See you boys at Comicon to find out…

Here are the audio recordings for the adventure:

Part One: Click Here

Part Two: Click Here

Part Three: Click Here

Part Four: Click Here

Part Five: Click Here

Part Six: Click Here

Part Seven: Click Here

Part Eight: Click Here



Treasurer’s Report:

While we didn’t get much in the way of loot this session, Raven certainly was busy turning our loot into magical loot.

Previous Balance:
714 gold
1,700g in gems

750g in gems for Armor
10g for Tithing
150 g for ritual casting
10g for buckler
75g for Raven’s Armor
200g in gems to Raven
300g on Arcane Components

New Balance:
169 Gold
750 Gold in Gems

Also now in our possession are:
2 Tyr Hammer Hand Grenades
4 Pair Masterwork Swamp Boots

We also gained, of course, some magical sets of armor. I believe Raven knows more about those than I, as he is the artificer who had a hand in enchanting them, and was present as they were constructed.


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