Adventure Log 23- Experimenting with Quantum and other Revelations

aka. We finally have a safe word!


This was a crazy session. So here are the highlights:

1. We explored several aspects of quantum that we had previously never tested.

A.) There is a rise and fall when you try to spend quantum, but are unsuccessful. We now use a single failed attempt as a homing signal, and 2 means danger

B.) You can’t invest quantum into living things, but you can create a quantum beacon by putting quantum into say something like a gem. However in this world it’s impermeable to most.

2. We met Master Mirror and got a card for Tom, Kye, and Joe.

3. We visited Smallford and D’Angelo met his sister and brother in Law as well as visited the resting place of his father.

4. We learned that Raven’s cousin, Jharak had visited the Ladamane ranch and bought his horse.

5. Raven joined the ranks of the Lead Anvil.

6. We got to finally meet D’Angelo’s Mom

7. Raven was able through the guidance of Tyr begin on the road toward forgiveness. Upon doing so, some of his tattoos were lifted.

8. We had Tuco place a quantum beacon on board the middle cultist caravan

Here are the audio recordings of our adventure…

Part One: Click here

Part Two: Click here

Part Three: Click here

Part Four: Click here


Treasurer’s Report
Existing Account
We began last session with 347 in Gold, and 4 gemstones worth 100g each.
We acquired:

  • webbing from giant spiders

  • 15g from gambling

  • Quantum signature mirror cards

  • 20 more days of wages for D’ and Raven, at 8 gold every ten days, totaling 32gold (quantum addendum: if Marros and Mattrim return, they would have earned an additional 20gold, plus the 40 gold they would have earned last session)

  • 10 gems, including three emeralds @ 100 gold each, 3 Rubys @ 150 gold each, 3 Topaz @ 50 gold each, and 1 diamond worth 500 gold)

  • 250 gold from bird sales (plus a bag of feathers)

  • 1 quantum beacon

For a total of 297 gold (and 60 more if M&M return), and 1,400 gold worth of gemstones.
We spent:
  • 50 gold for D’Angelo to transcribe a new ritual (Identify)

  • 15 on beer after our gambling escapades

  • 2 nights of lodgings at the Inn in Daggerford (I haven’t heard from Dave on the cost of this, but I’m guessing about 15 silver/ day for a “comfortable” stay factoring in lodging, meals, and drink for each day) about 30 silver

  • A 5 gold donation to Tyr’s Temple in Smallford

  • 2 silver for Raven’s use of the workshop to prepare for his induction ceremony

  • 1 night of lodgings and drinking (so far) in Waterdeep for D’Angelo (which I’m guessing will also cost about 15 silver)

  • 20 gold for Raven’s induction fees

  • 1 emerald (turned into quantum beacon

Which means we’ve spent 90 gold and 47 silver and one emerald.

We gained a net total of 207 gold, bringing us to 554 gold (plus 60 if M&M come back). We gained a net total of 1,300 gold worth of gemstones, for a total of 1,700 gold worth of gems.

I don’t know if anyone else is carrying copper or silver. I had some silver and I’m deducting the silver we spent from that, rather than doing conversions. Raven’s expenses were only 2 silver for the workshop, so I’ll take it all out of my own silver. If others are carrying silver though, let me know. I’ve been focusing on gold, gems, and loot in these updates.


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