Sixth Session - There Is No Wrath Like a Khadoran Skorned

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love disarm

Nate (also known as Captain Dragoth) found himself alone in an alley in Corvis. He remembered being sucked into a quantum rift in space-time and being thrown into the future by some mysterious force. He was able to fight the force’s pull using his ability to emit quantum gravity, and had escaped back into the world where he is known as Dragoth. Instantly realizing he needed to find out the state and wellbeing of the rest of the Winter Wolves, Dragoth goes to a nearby guardsman. He asks him what has happened in Corvis, noticing that there is some considerable rubble and destruction around the city. The guardsman is somewhat puzzled, and mentioned that the Winter Wolves were of course instrumental in fending off the horde of undead that raided the city during the Longest Night festivities. Realizing that in this string of reality Dragoth has never left the command of the Winter Wolves, the captain covers his slip up by asking if the guardsman has seen any other members of the honorable mercenary band. Seeing the approaching Winter Wolve party in the distance, the guardsman directs Dragoth their way and bids him adieu.

Nate meets up with the other members of the party, and they all exchange shocked exclamations of seeing him back in the flesh, with the exception of Bork. Bork seems utterly confused as to why there is anything worth celebrating, as, in his mind, Captain Dragoth has been with the party the entire time. Pyotr is also confused, but for quite different reasons than Bork. Pyotr recognizes the fact that Dragoth has been missing and recalls the strange forces he sensed in the alley that Dragoth disappeared in. Sergei explains away Dragoth’s inconsistencies to Bork by insinuating that Dragoth is heavily intoxicated.

We met back up with Nate and he explained to us that he’s on borrowed time. It turns out that he’s holding back the effects of the quantum trap that Helbram sprung on him using his quantum gravity and he’s delayed it’s effects, but he’s not sure how long.

Dragoth investigated the legal documents to find more info about the coven’s trial. He didn’t notice anything peculiar, but Tom was able to find a few instances where people were killed by the coven and then Borloch got a promotion or somehow profited directly.

Dragoth informed John about the uncanny coincidences that Sergei uncovered in the legal documents. John agreed to look into it, but was unsure if any more could be uncovered.

As he had some time to kill while the rest of the party was sleuthing, Bork paid 30 gold to have his alchemical supplies replenished.

Williams is the head of the Corvis shop (smithy). Sergei introduced himself when he went in to work on he and Ladamier’s armor. He gave Williams all the remaining jack arms and scrap he was carrying in exchange for information regarding who might have a back crane for Wrecker.

We checked the catacombs with father Dumass and learned no new information.

It was just as we went back up to the cathedral that Nate finally got sucked back into the time trap. Just as Nate is pulled into the rift, Tom shouts that we will see him again, and they high five. We were uplifted to see that he was ok. And we now await his return.

We checked out Ft. Ryker, and saw that it was abandoned. After looking around under the catacombs we found a ritual room. There we saw stations where members of the coven could use their magic to raise the undead and prepare them for battle.

We also found a paper on the table that said “Temple of Cyriss Restoration. When we focus on our memories in this world we know that Cyriss is a goddess of clockwork and technology.

We showed the note to the father. He told us that the Cult of Cyriss disdain the flesh. They put themselves in clockwork bodies.

The Cult of Cyriss temple was 1.5 days from Corvis; which required ¾ day travel by boat and a ¾ day hike from there.

We talked to our contact John and he helped us secure safe voyage down at the docks (where he supposedly works as a dock-hand). When we got there we went to dock #17 and met Captain Green, a surly dwarven sailor with a mossy green covered beard. He charged us 100 gp for the trek to and fro. We followed the river downstream, that connects to Caspia. We landed in a small fishing village where we asked around for more information about the Cult of Cyris.

After getting directions we headed out on the wagon pulled by Wrecker. As we traveled through the forest heading (what we thought was) towards the temple, we were come upon by a group of Gatormen. As we saw their looming figures approaching, Bork quickly and quietly explained to us that the Gatorman culture is almost entirely based around strength. This gave us the idea to display feats of immense strength to either intimidate or impress the Gatormen. For his feat of power, Ladamier used his halberd to cleave a nearby adult tree in two through the trunk. Seeing this, Sergei ordered Wrecker to take the Jackwrench and wrench another tree out of the ground. These acts apparently sufficiently impressed the Gatormen, as soon after a leader bedecked in a feather head dress approached the party. Bork translated between the Gatorman Shaman and the party, as the Gatorman spoke Cygnaran. The Shaman demanded to know why we were blatantly trespassing on his tribe’s land. We explained that we were simply lost in our attempt to find the hidden temple of Cyriss.

In understanding our situation, the Gatorman accepted our offer of trading Sergei’s Jackwrench for safe passage and guidance to the temple. A smaller Gatorman scout broke away from the rest of the tribe as they left, and guided us to a clearing. In the clearing we found a solid structure of whirring clockwork madness, approximately 30 yards squared. We inspected the strange building, and agreed we had never seen anything of its kind before. On one side of the structure there was a door-like opening, with a strange clockwork face above it. Sergei called out to the face, but it seemed only to be an eerie decoration.

After the party entered the structure, we descended down a long, mysteriously lit stairway and came upon a common room with the corpses of slain cult members. Kye recognized instantly from his medical experience that the slain cultists were killed less than 30 minutes ago. We followed the trail of bodies through some hallways, which lead us to a large open room filled with narrow gantries. There we found Alexia and the 5 undead witches and a handful of thralls (a few more powerful lieutenants and a few unarmored). All around under the gantries, there is lightning cracking and arcing wildly. In the center of the room, there is a strange pod, where Alexia’s undead mother is surrounded in a cocoon-like clockwork contraption.

Alexia notices us as we approach. Sergei calls out to her, saying that he understands the unjust loss of a parent and the rage that spews from that towards the perpetrators, and that revenge is not the right path. We couldn’t let her go forward, signaling to her that we want Borloch to pay for his wrongdoing just as much as her. Alexia says it is far too late, and sets her thralls to guard each of the five gantries near the point that they rejoin with the center platform. Ladamier and wrecker split off to each advance on a separate gantry, while Bork and Sergei stayed together on a third gantry. Ladamier killed both thralls. Wrecker killed one thrall, while one remained. Ladamier advanced on the gantry and shot his shield cannon into the witches, blowing one witch’s head off and knocking her off the platform into the depths below. Wrecker grabbed and threw the remaining thrall into the four remaining witches, knocking one of the witches off. Ladamier advanced upon the remaining witches and hewed one in half. Sergei and Bork dealt with the thralls blocking their path. Bork attempted to disarm Alexia and failed. Seeing the incredible importance of this moment, Tom affected the outcome of reality, spending some quantum energy. In the alternate space-time continuum that was now reality for the party, Bork succeeded in disarming Alexia. After the sword skidded to the ground, Alexia dove for the sword, but overshot her dive and plummeted off the platform. The heat lightning flashed from below, and the scent of singed hair wafted through the air. After Alexia’s fall, her mother and the remaining undead witch fell limp and lifeless. A wave of shock and regret set over the party, while Sergei lamented Alexia’s decision. Sergei cautiously had Wrecker pick up the cursed Witchfire sword, knowing that its soul-stealing magic would not affect the soulless automaton. We heard the sounds of cultists approaching, and knew we needed to get out of there soon.

After we were chased out of the temple by the remaining cultist forces we made our way quickly to the boat and headed for home. This time it took longer because we were going upstream. As we neared the docks we saw all manor of boat leaving. During the mass exodus we were finally able to stop a fleeing ship and ask what was going on. We were told that Vinter Raelthorne had taken Corvis and that his Inquisitors walked the streets once again. We thought about turning around but realized that the father and everyone we were trying to protect (and win over so we could eventually stab them in the back for mother Khador) was in Corvis, and they needed our help.

So we made a deal with the captain and told him that the Winter Wolves would help regain Corvis, but that we needed his help. Captain Green told us that his vessel was a merchant ship carrying fine garments to and from Corvis. He was able to help disguise us (even though Sergei and Ladamier had to ditch their armor, and wrecker had to hide under an enormous pile of linens).

So as we approached the docks we saw that city guard were patrolling and boarding vessels. Fortunately for the Winter Wolves we saw a guard who we recognized as one of Helstrom’s men and bade the captain to steer us toward where he was organizing the other guards. As we approached the he saw us and he and another guard boarded the boat. The captain invited him to meet in his private chambers, and there we spoke candidly with the man about the situation. He informed us that Captain Helstrom had posted him at this very dock in the hopes that we would return to Corvis by the same means that we left. He asked that we come with his trusted men to the armory so that we could stage a rebellion against Vinter’s Occupation. The man let us know that in addition to the Inquisitors that there were also 10,000 Skorne outside the city gate that bolstered Vinter Raelthorne’s numbers and were ready to descend on the city at any moment.

So, disguised as clothing merchants we got a “special” guard escort over to the armory where we met up with Helstrom. After talking for a while we found out that the armies of Cygnar are along the coast and dealing with the war efforts there, and would be unable to get to Corvis in time. Also there is a Cygnaran garrison a week’s march from here, but still that wouldn’t be close enough. We also found out that Helbram’s name in this world is Oberyn, and his is an Inquisitor (and they are all bad dudes).

After searching our memories in this world we remembered several details. Vinter’s brother (the current ruler of Cygnar) raised against him sometime ago. When that happened there were a lot of families in Corvis who were still loyal to Vinter, so in this hostile takeover by Vinter Raelthorne many loyal families still remain.

Working with Captain Helstrom we hatched a plan to rescue rather Dumass and all of the other prisoners taken into the dungeons by Vinter and his Inquisitors. The captain showed us a sewer entrance where we could get to the dungeon. He said that several escape attempts had used this passage and so he and his men escorted Sergei, Ladamier, and Bork to the entrance and stood guard, awaiting our return. We used some glow sticks that Bork provided and went a long way into the sewer until we went under a vent. There we heard voices arguing over something. What they all heard shocked them…
Oberyn: This is not a pet project lord, it’s critical to the success of the
Vinter: The sword is immaterial to the realm. Cease looking for it and get my army ready to move! I’ve been pleased with your taking of the city Oberyn, but this has to stop. My armies will be at the city’s gates in three days. I want the place secured as fast as possible. I want this place secured so we can move past it.

We continued forward and went up a through a grate into the dungeon. There we saw rows of cells and heard torture happening down the hall. We held ourselves up straight and started walking past some of the cells asking who was loyal to Vinter Raelthorne. When we came across a cell where people spat, Sergei leaned in and said well good, we are the Winter Wolves, and we have come to rescue you (as he flashed the Winter Wolf Crest). It turns out there were not only guardsmen but commoner prisoners in several cells, so we armed them and had a couple of men escort the civilians out of the cells. Then Sergei, Ladamier, and Bork headed down the hall to the torture chamber area.

It was decided that Ladamier would kick the door open and we would go charging in. What we saw when we got in there was truly gruesome. There was one man being tortured, and with the flick of the knife one of the two Skorne torturers slit the man’s throat. Even though we had just burst the door open on them they looked to be completely ready for such and were not even caught off guard for a second. Sergei and Ladamier each dispatched one of the horrible red skinned monsters, and as we cut them down they only seemed to be further invigorated by the wounds they took. Upon closer inspection it seemed as though their sadomasochistic body piercings and ritual scarring was part of their nature, and for the first time since they reached Cygnar, Sergei and Ladamier were a bit worried.

They met back up with the remaining guard prisoners, and under the advisement of one of Helstrom’s men we all dressed as soldiers, and headed off for the VIP cells above in the tower. He even had us put a pin on from the Skorne to put off the vibe that we were not to be trifled with. Dressed in full Vinter Raelthorne guard garb we headed past rooms full of soldiers that hardly looked up at us as we passed by.

When we arrived at the entrance to the VIP cells, we found them guarded by 5 elite Skorne soldiers. They were more heavily armored and armed than the previous Skorne we had faced. They were suspicious of our party immediately. We said we needed to escort Bork, a highly valuable political prisoner, to the high security cells. After demanding we turn him over to them, Ladamier rushed one of the Skorne, and battle between the two groups broke out thereafter. It was an intense battle, as these Skorne were highly skilled and very well-armored. All members of the party engaged with various members of the Skorne guards, and at one point Borke was gravely wounded and tossed aside by one of the Skorne. One of the valiant guardsmen was also slain by a Skorne guard, being run-through by the massive Skorne weapon. After Ladamier, Sergei, Bork, and the guardsmen managed to vanquish all 5 guards, the party regrouped. Ladamier tended to Borks wounds to keep them from being fatal, and a short moment was spared in honor of the fallen guardsman.
In the VIP cells were Father Dumas, and a raggedly dressed noblewoman in her late 40’s to early 50’s, a middle-aged merchant man named Jeremy Gertens (a member of the Gertens family gang). The woman was a loudmouth, and as she started spouting off I asked her to stop and told her she would need to come with us quietly.

After collection the prisoners, we realized we had a dilemma: we most certainly could not sneak out the same way we got in, using nonchalance as camouflage. We quickly hatched a plan for Sergei to act as a commanding officer of the Raelthorne contingent of guardsmen. The rest of the part would pass by as Ladamier and Sergei rushed into the guard posts we passed on the way out, behaving as if the guardsmen therein were found totally lacking and instilling fear into them enough to distract them from the large group of ragged prisoners passing by. This plan went off without a hitch, and we were able to escape through the sewers that we entered through.

After getting everyone out of prison and word getting out about what we had done things got crazy. So we went back to the armory and left the sword there, so that nobody would catch us with it and be able to take it from us. Also we went to a hideout and talked briefly with the father and told him that Alexia had perished and that we did everything we could to stop her.

We got a report from Helstrom’s men that they saw a girl matching Alexia’s description, and when we went there we went down under the crypt and found her there in almost a daze. She was fully alive and couldn’t totally remember what had happened on the gantries. She did however know that Witchfire was very close, but she wasn’t sure she wanted it. When we told her what was going on and that we were still trying to make Borloch pay she said she might know of a way. She began to tell us this story:

The Cygnar mercenary company was called the immortals. THere were 1200 of them and they faced 50k Tharn (beastmen/skin changers). The Immortals leader was the King’s best friend, and at the time they are 1200 strong. It was said that the Immortals would rise again someday to fight for Cygnar. They are all entombed in a temple a day from Corvis, and with the sword she could raise an army. She also noted that there is a Saint’s hammer there that we will need. It was odd though, something was different about Alexia, she’s acted like she’s not possessed anymore. All should could remember is showing back up on the banks of Corvis.

Sergei and Ladamier both agreed that they should both tread very carefully.



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