Fifth Session

Alexia's Dark Secret...Witchfire!


Right before we prepared to go to where Bork had last seen Alexia, we were approached by one of Magistrate Borloch’s men, who offered to hire Pyotr for his personal protection for the Longest Night Celebration…the Magistrate gave us 300 gp.

Realizing that we needed to head underground we needed to re-gear ourselves, so Ladamir and Sergei purchased armor, weapons, and gear to head down in the catacombs after her. We discussed Bork’s salary, and decided on 5gp per week . We spent 200 bp to outfit him completely, for a grand total of 219 gp, and told him that he could consider himself paid up for a good while (i.e. a cash advance).

Ladimir was severely disappointed at the suggestion that his Man-o-War armor may not be practical in the catacombs beneath the city. As his consolation, he geared up as much as possible with gear that would be slightly more portable than his regular mechanized war machine armor. The result was the purchase of a set of Infantry Armor, which while highly protective, still earned Ladimir’s scorn as sub-par to the engineering finesse of the Khadoran Man-o-War armor. As not to waste his considerable strength with a weapon he couldn’t swing in the confines of the underground, he also purchased a large war hammer, a trench sword, and a holdout pistol. Although Ladimir’s skill with firearms is laughable, Sergei advised that a close quarters combat with melee weapons might result in a similar situation to the original Bork versus Ladimir brawl, much to Ladimir’s discomfort.

So armed to the teeth and hungry to get to the bottom of this craziness, we followed the path that Bork showed us Alexia headed down in a dead end alley-way. The opening was too small and so we had to leave anything that wouldn’t fit with Wrecker at the entrance to stand guard. As we went down we came to several rooms and we began to hear what sounded like Alexia’s voice, so we crept quietly into a room with several doors. There was a desk in the middle and as soon as we approached it iron portcullises fell, barring our exits. Alexia scampered up one exit, but not before telling us that she was after retribution, and that she didn’t want to hurt any of us.

After briefly discussing amongst ourselves how we might escape this predicament, Sergei used his aptitude with mechanical engineering to analyze the portcullis to find the weakest point, in the hopes of breaking it down. Bork applied a layer of corrosive acid from one of his acid grenades in order to help weaken the bars. Ladimir used his war hammer to place a powerful smack to the weakened bars, and the portcullis collapsed. Although we wanted to follow Alexia to see what she had been up to, we decided to look around in her lair and get as much information about what she was planning as possible.

In the desk we found a note listing all of the jurors with lines through each of them. Also on that list were Magistrate Borloch and the Executioner ?? Additionally we found notes that said “Witchfire forged 300 years ago? Drain/Store Essence? Key to Restoration. Who was the executioner?” Another note was written to her uncle, father Dumas. It started “Dearest uncle I wish I could make you understand," but the rest of the page is blank. The last and possibly most illuminating evidence was a big map of Corvis with a circle around Fort Rhyker, an old abandoned fort to the north of town.

After we escaped the room Alexia trapped us in, we traveled deeper into the underground tunnels to try to find our way out, and to find any possible clues. We found a few doors leading to rooms filled with zombies. We made quick work of these undead, even using a door to smash one of them while Sergei cleaved two of them in half. After inspecting the corpses, we discovered that they were the jurors from the Witch Trials that has been raised by a necromancer.

Then we saw some holy statues that were rather odd. One ready Father Edrick Samos the 7th, and was inscribed with the quote “Temptation begets darkness eternal”. Another was a fresco depicting a man raising armies, and was inscribed “Avatar Albrecht Sandbert Ascended 605 BC”. Finally we made our way out in the bottom of the Church of Morrow under catacombs.

And at that point we realized she could get to her mother from below. She went up an area where she brought the gate down and we don’t know where that led.

We told Father Dumas about his niece and said we were heading for Fort Rhyker.
At which point we stopped by and told our contact, John about what was going on.

We went to find the Magistrate since Alexia blamed him for much of what happened to her mother, but after stopping by a few parties and getting nowhere with the mercenary guards who denied our access, we finally stopped by his estate. We found some guards at his estate, who refused to give us information on the magistrate. After Ladimir used his penchant for intimidation as social lubricant, Sergei appealed to the guards’ emotions in reasoning that if they valued the lives of their families, they would both heed our warnings and point us towards the Magistrate. We followed their directions and sought him out, but when we got there he was gone and no one was sure where he had gotten off to.

After that we filled in Captain Helstrom about the current situation and the letters and what Alexia had been up to. And told him how we had struck out trying to find the Magistrate.

Then we set out toward the fort. When we approached the fort, we found dozens of skeletons mindlessly digging in the land around the fort itself, and subsequently ran into several patrols of armed, hostile skeleton with a Lt. to lead them. We engaged with the patrols, which proved to be formidable and dangerous. In those fights Wrecker got torn up pretty badly.

So in order to remain undetected we took off our steam powered gear and headed up to take a closer look. Ladamir stood guard and Bork and Sergei climbed up a broken portion of the outer wall and looked down into the wall.

There we saw ranks of warrior skeletons lining up. We estimated all in all about a thousand, with Lt. to lead each small band.

So we climbed and ran back to the cart and hurried back to Corvis to warn everyone. There we told Cpt. Helstrom about the score of undead and he said he couldn’t relieve any of his men that were already guarding around the city, but he took all available men and barred the gates and had them man the walls. Helstrom offered the use of the town guard Jack workshop to repair Wrecker, and Ladamir and Sergei made repairs to their Jack and armor respectively.

After an hour we finished our repairs and then we took off for the Church of Morrow. As we started moving the town of Corvis broke out in chaos. We passed a disheveled Cpt. Helstrom who told us “They’re coming from the damn river” as he was heading toward the walls for reinforcements.

Shortly there after we started hearing bells and horns going off all over Corvis. And we saw skeletons start popping up all over town from the rivers. Some rode by on horseback other just ran chasing after people. We just kept our bearing and were heading toward the Cathedral. Bork even saved Ladamir from getting hit by a run-a-way wagon being driven by a skeleton by disarming him, which caused him to only be grazed by the mass of the wagon that would have trampled over him.

As we continued on we started hearing cannon fire from the river. A nearby building took a heavy shelling, and so we started heading to the water. There we saw ships teaming with skeletons that were firing directly into the city. On our way to intercept a boat we ran into a group of skeleton archers on a bridge shooting flaming arrows into the town. Bork told us that if we could get him to the top of the bridge that he could take out the boat. So we dispatched them quickly and Bork was able to get off a well placed Alchemist’s Fire directly into the heart of the ship, causing it to burn and it lit the powder stores on fire and when they blew the ship sank.

Then we continued toward the Cathedral again and made it to the gate, where we saw Father Dumas in full regalia ferrying people into the inside. We then started noticing that the skeletons were massing on the outside of the fence around the Cathedral. So we tried to barricade what we could using overturned carts and sacks of wheat and flour. After directing Wrecker to smash a cart into the gate to keep them out the horde of skeletons starting pouring over the top of the walls.

As they came toward us we retreated to the church, but we soon felt a welling of magic from outside and when we went out there we saw Alexia and the other four of the coven enacting a ritual. As the magic got stronger the father told us to all to stand together and he threw up a protective shield over us. As the ritual came to a conclusion it exploded and we saw Alexia’s mother come from the wreckage, sword in hand (Witchfire).

At that moment the executioner (Helbrum) appeared out of nowhere and stabbed Alexia in the back and caused her to drop the sword, which skittered right up to Sergei’s feet. Looking down he could sense the pure evil power coming off of it and decided not to pick it up. Then we felt a Quantum event, and we surmised that based on the fact that the father was reaching down to pick up the sword to hand it to Helbrum, that the bastard had used his quantum power to trying and acquire the sword.

After the quantum event, Sergei said “Helbrum you bastard” and he said “Oh I wasn’t sure where the two of you had gotten off to. By the way how is Nate?" We responded with Fuck you! Then Helbrum said “Give me the sword and I’ll let you live in this world”. At which point we had to stop father Dumas, however the sword was picked up by Alexia. At which point she called to the skeletons “to me” and as soon as soon as they reached her. We all shot at Helbrum, me with my a spray of magic, which only ended up hitting a group of skeletons in front of him, Ladamir shot at him with his shield cannon but took out another group of skeletons right in front of him. Then trusty Bork tossed a perfectly placed Acid grenade right into his face, and we relished the sound of his screams. At that point he yelled out “This isn’t over” and quickly teleported away.

After Helbrum was gone the skeletons were surging toward Alexia, just running past us in incredible numbers, and we started to be trampled. Then all of a sudden the mass of skeletons just keeled over.

We all took stock ourselves and the church, and spoke with Father Dumas. After looked around for Alexia and the coven.

We headed out to go find the Captain, and saw much of the devastation that happened. When we finally found the Captain he looked like he was dead on his feet. He was busy putting out fires, so we took a couple of hours and helped his men put out structure fires and cleanup. After which point he said he was in our debt and at the end of it he said he had spoken briefly with the father and said it’s not really a proper payment but he told us he owed us a favor and was able to scrap together 100 gold taken up as a collection amongst the guard to say thanks for what the Winter Wolves had done.

At the end of the session Pyotr came and found us. We asked him where the Magistrate was and we started heading there together.



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