Adventure Log 25- Phoenix Comicon Gaming Session

A werewolf Chronicle of the Red Winter Pack


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Sorry Will, it looks like you almost got cut out of the shot. Next modern planet we go to, I’ll have to orbit group selfie taking as a skill.

This session was insane. We felt the pulse of the dying planet we were once on and got sucked into a modern day horror flick…Attack of the Werewolves. In all seriousness, thanks to everyone for making the effort and taking the time to make our First Inaugural Phx Comicon debut an awesome one.

A special thanks to our illustrious GM, who toiled to come up with a one shot for us with less than 30 days to prep. Dave, thank you sir!

It bears mentioning that we were all super tired, so don’t judge the following audio log too harshly LOL.

Here are the audio recordings for the adventure:

Part One: Click Here

Part Two: Click Here

Part Three: Click Here

Part Four: Click Here

Part Five: Click Here



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