Adventure Log 25- Phoenix Comicon Gaming Session

A werewolf Chronicle of the Red Winter Pack


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Sorry Will, it looks like you almost got cut out of the shot. Next modern planet we go to, I’ll have to orbit group selfie taking as a skill.

This session was insane. We felt the pulse of the dying planet we were once on and got sucked into a modern day horror flick…Attack of the Werewolves. In all seriousness, thanks to everyone for making the effort and taking the time to make our First Inaugural Phx Comicon debut an awesome one.

A special thanks to our illustrious GM, who toiled to come up with a one shot for us with less than 30 days to prep. Dave, thank you sir!

It bears mentioning that we were all super tired, so don’t judge the following audio log too harshly LOL.

Here are the audio recordings for the adventure:

Part One: Click Here

Part Two: Click Here

Part Three: Click Here

Part Four: Click Here

Part Five: Click Here


Joe “Judgement of the Lost” Simmon’s notes on the Sept of Long Shadows:

We made some good friends among the Sept of the Long Shadows. They are wise and ancient Sept, secluded in the Rockies guarding their caern, and their totem, Tusa’a-Saava-Pa. They boast four allied packs, with 32 Garou, and are led by their five elders, Hidden Fire, Ice Heart, Grudge Ender, Calls the Stars to Dance, and Bane Cruncher. They are good leaders, but even their combined wisdom did not show them the danger in their midst.

Their Gatekeeper is Hidden Fire, a wise and cryptic old man who, if memory serves, we first met defending the Caern’s kits — and us — from the grievous and suspiciously well coordinated attack of the wyrm’s agents here.

Their Keeper of the Land is Bane-Cruncher who has many tales to tell. If one listens, he will speak all night.

Their Master of the Challenge is Grudge-Ender, a serene Philodox who was to Bane-Cruncher much as I am to Stalks-the-Shadows. He listens much, as Bane-Cruncher speaks much.

Their Master of the Rite was Calls-The-Stars-To-Dance, a Uktena Theurge.

Their Warder was Ice Heart, a Wendigo Ahroun who, much like our own Heart-of-Fury, is strong but sometimes lacks the patients needed in a situation.

Of the lesser members of the Caern, we spent most of our time dealing with their Banetender, Ice on Fire, who, sadly, had passed away before we met him, and also with their Wyrm Foe Edgewalker. It seems, however, that we never met Edgewalker. Unbeknownst to us, the entity we met was a Black Spiral Dancer in disguise. Had it not been for Stalks-the-Shadows’ cleverness, we may never have known.

Mention should also be made of some of the allied clans we met, particularly the Thunderclaws, the Burning Hearts, and the Pavement Fangs clans.

The Thunderclaws and the Burning Heart clans were indispensable when dealing with the cleaning out of the Banetender’s lair.

But it was with the Pavement Fangs pack that Stalks-in-Shadows met the only true kindred spirit I have ever seen him meet. Oh, he’s a good friend to me and many, indeed. But I’ve never seen him light up as he did when Junkyard-Dawg arrived.

A part of me, on some quantum level, seemed to feel an instinctual pull towards Drinks-With-Spirits, the Pavement Fangs’ Bone Gnawer. His mysticism was matched only by his apparent access to potent brews, of which, I must admit, I partook a great deal after our victory.

Note should also be made of the young kits we met. Rain Dancer, a rambunctious Uktena Theurge, and Stone-Runner, a rebellious Fianna Ahroun, were pleasant enough. Toothy-Kit, however, is the one to watch. The shy facade of this albino Child of Gaia left the caern and followed us — without detection — for quite some way. We did eventually find her and send her to safety, but we worried about her the whole time.

These three children were our tip off to the Black Spiral Dancer’s intentions, if he had not made off with them, he may have remained hidden much, much longer.

We may spend some time here. More as I gather more information.



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