Adventure Log 22- A horse killing free adventure at last!

aka. The formation of P.E.T.M. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Monsters)


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This session was a continuation of our crazy journey. We started it out by finding Marros and Matrom sucked into a quarter and nickel respectively. From there we just started killing monsters and putting a few more clicks on the old odometer.

Day 1: Caravan Starts (see Adventure Log #21)

Day 3: The caravan begins passing through the Fields of the Dead (see Adventure Log #21)

Day 5: Animal Abuse – Noble abusing his horses. (see Adventure Log #21)

Day 6: Bane of the Mountains – Peryton attack. (see Adventure Log #21)

Day 8: Stranded – Merchant attacked by Hobgoblins.

Days 9-12: Lots of rain and thunder

Day 13: Fungus Humongous – Hallucinogenic mushrooms

Day 16: Trollclaw Ford – Troll attack.

Day 20: Roadside Hospitality – Dopplegangers.

Day 23: The Golden Stag – The mysterious Golden Stag appeared.

Day 28: Dragonspear – Dragonspear Castle and garrison.

Day 32: No Room at the Inn – Run in with bounty hunters.

Day 38: Contraband – Cultists’ wagon breaks a wheel.

Day 43: Payback – Find the man buried in the road.

Day 45: Adventuring Life – Actors posing as Adventurers join group.

Day 47: Spider Woods – Spiders and Ettercaps attack. Actors unmasked.

Here are the audio recordings of our adventure…

Part One: Click here

Part Two: Click here

Part Three: Click here

Part Four: Click here


Treasurer’s Report:

As of Day 47 of our journey to Waterdeep, D’Angelo and Raven have been paid as follows:
*8 gold each on day 10, 20, 30, and 40, equaling 32 gold each, for a total of 64 gold earned.
*Joe notes, in his mind, that were Marros and Mattrim still with us, they would be earning 5 gold every 10 days, for a total of 20 gold each, and 40 gold a piece.
*Raven scavenged some Hobgoblin gear which he was able to trade for 5 gold.
*Raven made a deal with Oyn Evermore to train Evermore’s birds to sing in exchange for a % of the profits form the birds once they reach Waterdeep. The birds now sing in multi-part harmony and are therefore more valuable as a set.
*Additionally, Raven found a money pouch among the spider webs with about 250 gold in it.
*We also acquired an Antler Rod of the Pactkeeper +2 and an Antler Bow +1.

On the other hand, we had expenses:
*We spent 2 gold buying the Pole and Eldkin Drinks after the Hobgoblin fight;
*We spent 2 gold buying drinks for the guards that Beyd had fired
*We lent 20 gold to Carlin.
*D spent 4gp at the Inn in Dragonspear, and spent 1gp for every 10 days on the trail, for a total of 8gp in D’s personal expenses.

So that’s a total of 319 gold earned, and only 32 gold spent. This means we’re up 287 from the previous session, where we had 60 gold left, for a total of about 347.


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