Adventure Log 21- Sailing w/ Cpt Oars Dashbottom aboard the CSS Margin

aka. This here's Paladin Country Yeeeehaw!


Well folks, the jig is up. So I hope you’ll join me in a warm and hardy welcome for Jacob, our resident cleric of Tyr!!! Hazzzzah my friend, welcome back, and well played sir!

This session revolved primarily around travel.

After finished off the remaining cultists in their lair and our holy cleric and paladin of Tyr rid it of the fowl stench of Tiamat. It felt good to kill Lasagna the blue dragonborn and Frulam, the Hoe Inviolate.

Then we turned our attention to getting back to Greenest and showing how successful our “scouting” mission was. Putting the head up on the walls was certainly a good bookend for our foray down into their lair. All-in-all we received a warm welcome, but didn’t stay long, heading out to meet our monk friend Liosan in Alteril, where we met Anthar Frulm, who we filled in on the Cult of Dragon’s movements, and were welcomed into the ranks of the Harpers and Order of the Gauntlet, respectively. From there we traveled to Baldur’s Gate to get hired on as mercenaries on a caravan. Our travel there with Cpt Oars Dashbottom was by far the most amusing of the night.

After reaching Baldur’s Gate we got ourselves hired on as caravan guards for a wealthy exotic bird trader. We traveled north and faced a number of dangers along the way, including assholes whipping their horses to death and a pair of Perytons attacking our group. Along the way we spent a lot of nights around the campfire, and somehow some big personal secrets were revealed for Raven, such as the fact that he bought out D’Angelo’s contract, and some of the details his banishment.

On another note my favorite term of the night had to be “Instarection”, well that and the whole boat ride with Cpt Oars Dashbottom of the CSS Margin (Dave you’re a good sport man). By the way can someone please lend me an un-cursed D20 for next session? Raven is so tired of breaking bowstrings.

See below for more details, but those are the highlights:

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Part Two: Click here

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Part Six: Click here

Happy New Year to all!!!!!


Treasurer’s Report:

By my count, we started last session with 436 gold. We found 38 gold amongst the Kobold loot, plus 600 gold worth of gemstones in the trapped treasure chest, and some finely crafted Dragon fetishes. D’Angelo was able to sell the magic scimitars and cracklilng rods for 36 gold. He sold one gemstone for 100 gold, and the fetishes for 150, totaling up to 760 gold. We spent 200 gp on a bag of holding and 250 gp on D’Angelo’s contract and, I think, 5 gold in expenses somewhere.

We also purchased 4 healing potions (2d4+2), but I believe that came from gold that D’Angelo wasn’t holding on to. I’ll review the adventure log for that.

We also now posess 1 cask of Green Swill (+1 CHA, -1 INT, cannot be purified), a sack of coins from Leosin, 2 harper necklaces, 2 gauntlet necklaces, the remaining 5 gemstones (I think. I may have sold 2 gemstones, I need to review the adventure log), and 2 Peryton Carcasses.

That seems to leave us with 305 gold, which is more than I remember us having, so I’m going to listen to the Adventure log and double check.


Alright, correction time: Having listened through the adventure log, I was wrong on two counts:
1) I did pay for the potions out of the group’s gold.
2) I did sell two gemstones, not one.

That means we have four gemstones worth 100g each, and 60gold.

Marros and Matrim are each earning 5g/ day on the caravan and D’Angelo and Raven are earning 8g/ day. But the adventure log only takes us up through day 6 (the Peryton attack), which isn’t payday yet.


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