Since the dawn of time mankind has always looked to new horizons. From the Romans subjugating and uniting Europe in antiquity, to the exploration of the New World in the 1500s, mankind has always set out to conquer the known world. From the Industrial Revolution to the Space Race between the United States and Russia we found ourselves reaching further than ever before, fueled by science and innovation. Mankind now looks beyond the boundaries of our world, into the vastness of space to satiate its desire to explore and conquer the unknown. But those who look to the Heavens for answers are looking in the wrong place.

In the 21st Century, radio astronomers proved definitively that the Big Bang theory was true. The theory postulates that the universe was created by an incredible explosion that sent matter moving faster than the speed of light. The outermost matter moved at a faster rate than the matter directly underneath it, and so on, creating fractures in space and time between these layers. This created not one, but an infinite number of universes simultaneously. The concept of a multiverse, once thought the province of science fiction, is now a foundation of our reality. And now mankind, thanks largely to the efforts of the Infinity Foundation, has found a way to break through the walls that separate these parallel worlds and explore the true nature of infinity itself. Ironically, the key to unlocking the unlimited potential of the multiverse can be found in a single strand of DNA.

We here at the Infinity Foundation believe that through the efforts of individuals like you, humanity can be ushered into a new era of prosperity and innovation. Journey with us as we explore the infinite worlds to see what lies beyond the borders of our known universe.


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