Quantum Gravity and Orbits

Quantum Gravity

Quantum Gravity is the primary stat that Infinity characters have. It is represented in a rating of 1-10 dots, with accompanying hexes. Quantum Gravity is also the character’s primary way of advancing their character, spending dots to gain Orbits and Quantum Resonances.

Quantum Gravity Dots

Quantum Tunneling. Whenever a character passes through a quantum tunneling effect to enter a new Alpha or Beta world, the character receives 1 dot of Quantum Gravity and refreshes all temporary boxes of Quantum Gravity the character had previously used.

Quantum Immortality. So long as the character has a single dot of Quantum Gravity, they can return from the dead by pulling on connections to Beta Worlds in which the character never died. Quantum Immortality is automatically triggered by the Q-gene as a self preservation method at the quantum level should a character die. The character loses one dot of Quantum Gravity and is brought back to full health in the world they are in. Due to the nature of pulling on Beta Worlds, the world the character is in gets rewritten as though they never died. How long it takes for the character to return to life is dependant on the circumstance and the story as dictated by the Storyteller.

Quantum Divergence. Characters can spend 1 dot to create an entirely new character in the Alpha or Beta World they are in. In effect they are pulling on a Beta World where the character they are making was part of the group from the beginning. The new character replaces the old in the world’s history, the old deeds done being transferred to the new, with only Quantum characters realizing there was ever a difference.

Spending Quantum Gravity Hexes

The character also has a number of hexes equal to their Quantum Gravity rating that can be spent to affect probability, use orbited abilities, and pull items in from Beta Worlds. How this works is described below. Note, if a character gains a dot of Quantum Gravity via Quantum Tunneling, or spends a dot for character advancement, their hexes are adjusted so as to always be equal to their current rating.

Quantum Creation. Characters can spend 1 hex of Quantum Gravity to affect probability in such a way as to create 1 man portable item that has a probability of being with them, or in the area, out of thin air. This is done by pulling on Beta Worlds where the item was there the entire time. In order to successfully create an item, having or finding the item has to be probable, or it will not work and the hex will remain unspent. NPCs in the setting that are not Quantum NPCs have their memories adjusted so as to remember the item being there in the most probable way.

(For Example, let’s say your character needs an ipad to lookup the local weather forecast for the day, and such a thing is important enough to need that you are willing to spend a hex of Quantum Gravity on it, but doesn’t currently have one. Using Quantum Creation, you cause one to materialize on the desk next to you. Any non Q-gene NPCs around you will remember your character walking in with an iPad, even though it just “magically” appeared beside you. The way the universe explains away Quantum rewrites can vary greatly, and the nature of the rewrite is usually not apparent to the Q-gene characters in the party, because it’s not a part of their recollection. In other words, these Quantum rewrites embody the most plausible explanation for how an item could have gotten to your location. Conversely this also means the ability has it’s limitations. Take the same scenario and, instead of an iPad, your character wants to have a nuclear warhead appear on the table next to him. A Quantum rewrite for a nuclear weapon to be sitting on the table beside you is highly unlikely, making such an item impossible to “conjure”. Another important factor to consider when using the Quantum Creation ability is Quantum Decoherence. An example of this is a character getting thoroughly searched before entering a room to make sure they didn’t have any weapons on them. By ruling out any reasonable plausibility for a weapon to have come in, the possibility of having a weapon has been removed from this reality, making your character’s ability to create a weapon to shoot their way out impossible.)
Affect Probability. Characters can spend 1 hex to affect the probability of a task they perform to the extreme degree. Choose one: the task succeeds at the highest result that is possible (assume the character achieved the best possible outcome based upon their current characteristics) or the task fails at the lowest degree (assume that the character failed the roll as badly as they could). Note that only what a character is capable of is possible. If the character is trying to fight with a sword but has never used one before, the best possible outcome is a lucky blow that an amatuer could do.

Use Orbit. In order to use an orbit ability, the character must spend 1 hex of Quantum Gravity. This is the most difficult part of quantum gravity, as the physics from one world do not translate easily to another (different dice, stats, etc). Using an Orbit ability is always a dramatic event, unlike creating items and affecting probabilities, the world does not change to make the event probable. As such, using an Orbit will be remembered by everyone, not just Quantum characters, as the laws of physics are quite literally turned on their head. No roll is required, the character narrates what happens and the Storyteller determines the effects. Abilities that have duration, last a number of combat turns/rounds equal to the character’s rating in Quantum Gravity, or one scene if used in a non-combat role. Note, this does not stop non-Q-gene NPCs from rationalizing the event away if such a feat is impossible in that universe (perhaps that wasn’t a lightning bolt that guy threw, but a power transformer exploding next to him…yeah, that makes more sense).
(For Example, In a prior world, the character could cast a fireball spell and chose to make it an Orbit ability. The character spends one hex of Quantum Gravity to create a fireball and throw it at an enemy. The GM determines that the enemy takes a certain amount of fire damage, is blown backwards from the explosion, and the surrounding area is set on fire.)
(For Example, The character has a shapeshift spell and chose to make it an Orbit ability. The character spends 1 hex of Quantum Gravity to use shapeshift. If the character shifts into a bear to be stronger and tougher in combat, the character will remain shifted for a number of turns equal to his Quantum Gravity rating. If used to impersonate an individual for the purposes of infiltration, the shift will last for one scene, at which time the ability will wear off.)

Quantum Resonance Rating

Each character with the Q-Gene also has something called Quantum Resonance. Quantum Resonances are the ties that bind the character’s quantum self to all the other worlds they end of visiting. A Quantum Resonance is represented in a rating of 1 to 5. Characters begin with a single point in a Quantum Resonance that fits with their character’s backstory.

In game terms, a Quantum Resonance is something that affects character creation in every character the player makes in new game settings. These manifest as backgrounds, knowledges, or skills. A character who decides to resonate with their background as a smuggler might always have underworld connections in all the worlds he visits. A character who decides to resonate with the skills he learned as a doctor, will begin play with a medicine skill if he doesn’t have it, or a higher medicine skill if the character already has it, representing the knowledge they bring with them from other worlds. The options are limitless.

Character Advancement

Quantum Gravity is also what the players can use to advance their Infinity Character and, by extension, every other character that the player creates in other Alpha and Beta Worlds.
Spending Quantum Gravity Dots

Characters can spend a dot of Quantum Gravity to Bind Orbits or gain new Quantum Resonances while they are within the world that gives them access to it. Increasing existing Quantum Resonances can be done regardless of the world the character is in as they are now a part of every character in every world. Thus it is always a good idea to choose these character advancements right before any Quantum Tunneling jumps are made. Any number of Quantum Gravity dots can be spent at a time, but characters can only increase any Quantum Resonance by one in any given Alpha or Beta world. Note that if a character has no dots left in Quantum Gravity, they will be unable to affect the world by spending Quantum Gravity boxes and lose Quantum Immortality, becoming vulnerable to permanent death.

Bind Orbit. Characters can spend a permanent dot to lock an ability into orbit around their Infinity character. This allows the character to take an ability from one game setting and use it in another. See the Use Orbit section above for examples of orbits.

Resonant Growth. By spending a permanent point of Quantum Gravity the character can add to an existing Quantum Resonance (up to the maximum allowed), or select a new Quantum Resonance ability to add to his character.

Quantum Gravity and Orbits

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