Omega Shifts and Delta Shifts

Through the mathematics and research done by the Infinity Foundation, they have identified two types of quantum shifts that can occur: Omega Shifts and Delta Shifts.

Omega Shifted worlds are ones that are completely unlike our own, however they represent ones where the most probably events have occurred. The laws of physics work differently than those understood in our own world and the people and places are wholly different. The number of worlds that could potentially exist are infinite.

  • In game terms, these are the various gaming settings, the different dice representing the differences in probability and physics, and the canon representing the Alpha setting.

Delta Shifted worlds are worlds similar to the original world they associate to, however with alternate timelines. The infinite branches of different choices surround the original world, both in the present and throughout the past and future. A world where the Nazis won WW2 would be a Delta world a bit removed, while a world where the characters turned right instead of left would exist very close to their origin.

  • When the characters use Quantum Gravity to affect probability, they are really looking into the many Delta worlds, and merging pieces of them into the current world.

Omega Shifts and Delta Shifts

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