IK Zevanna Agha, The Old Witch

The Baba Yaga of Khador


Having felt the change created by the characters breaking through reality, the Old Witch of Khador moved to intercept them and determine what they were. Upon viewing the threads of the future she determined that their fate had suddenly grown from what they had been before. The fate of Khador, in deed all of Caen, was now tied into these individuals that before had been unremarkable. She questioned them briefly, and decided to help them along their path. Gifting them with knowledge of their purpose and pushing events to assist them better, the characters discovered that she exhibits some of the same characteristics of those with the Q gene, even if she does not realize the full extent. Regardless, she seems as knowledgeable and powerful as she is dangerous, and it would be best not to anger her.


IK Zevanna Agha, The Old Witch

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