∞ Tom Fortner

Importer/Exporter Extraordinaire


Height: 6’0"
Weight: 165 lbs
Age: 28 yrs
Race: Caucasian (slightly Italian)
Occupation: Smuggler/Acquisitions Expert

Aka. Eldrich Osiris Nichodeme Gideon Arathorn Zoroaster Majere (E.O.N.G.A.Z.M.) Grand Lord Chancellor and The Voice of the Red Door Cabal, 6th Rank Adept of House Flambeau in the Order of Hermetic Mages, the 7th son of Johan Nichodeme, the 7th son of Gustave Nichodeme, formerly the apprentice to Bartholamus Nichodeme the former pupil of House Flambeau Founder, Tempus Flambeau

Father: Johan Nichodeme (deceased- Formerly House Flambeau)

Mother: Helaine Nichodeme (House Verditius)

Oldest brother: Alderic Nichodeme (joined the Crusades)

2nd oldest brother: Joffrey Nichodeme (also joined the crusades)

3rd oldest brother: Rodolphe Nichodeme (joined a French monistary)

Younger Sister: Rosalie “Rose” Nichodeme (hand maiden in my uncle’s house)

Uncle: Bartholamus Nichodeme (mentor)

Cousin: Simon Nichodeme (oldest son of Bartholamus Nichodeme)

Wife: Gabrielle Nichodeme (died in child birth)

Son: Johan Nichodeme (still born)

Grandfather: Gustave Nichodeme

Character sheet: Mage Dark Ages Character Sheet

Aka. Sergei Lowska- Warcaster / Field Mechanic

Cousin: Nikolai Lowska (he’s practically my brother. People called us bliznetsy as kids, which means twins, because we were nigh inseparable. He’s a degenerate gambler and drinker, but that’s what I love about him. He can read people better than anyone I know, even my uncle. 5 seconds after he meets you he can tell you if you can trust someone or not, and it’s scary, because he’s never wrong. Obviously the two of us spent a lot of time getting into trouble and running every hustle and con in the book before I got shipped off to the warcaster academy.)

Uncle: Victor Lowska (He’s a scary guy too, every bit as much as my grandfather. He’s an underboss in the Red Anvil Bratya. He now owns the scrapyard, and took me in after my mother skipped town. He was every bit of a father to me, since my dad was hardly around. He always told me I was destined for big things. This guy has not only street credit, but street charm. Everybody knows him and owes him a favor of some sort. If you’re looking for him head down to the “family bar/restaurant”, where all the bratya bosses spend their afternoons.)

Younger Sister: Katya Lowska (died of the bubonic plague at a young age)

Mother: Zora Lowska (ran off with another man after Katya died, she’s dead to me now, good riddance!)

Father: Vadim Lowska (oldest son of Boris Lowska, was a mechanical genius. He was recruited into the Khadoran Institute of Engineering and studied there until he was 15. The he conscripted, but he was a renowned field mechanic just like his grandfather before him. His career was watched closely by high Kommand, and upon the insistence of Kommandant Yegoruv Ilyevich he moved him from the 3rd army to the 1st army and he supposedly took the field under the great military strategist Kommandant Gurvaldt Irusk a time or two, when Yegoruv was mentoring the Kommandant. He died tragically in a deal gone wrong, right in front of Sergei. His death was eventually avenged, and the one known as Tovaresh paid with his very life.)

Grandfather: Boris Lowska (Bald guy, and one scary bastard, he took over business after my great grandfather died. He has a big scar over his right eye from the time he spent in the winter guard. He’s prone to violence, but he’s an incredibly shrewd business man- that’s where everyone says Sergei gets it. He was proud of my father over my uncles because he was the only one who served in the military)

Great Gramdmother: Zhori aka. Big Momma Z (grandpa’s 2nd wife, she’s a big fat Umbrean woman, great cook)

Great Grandfather: a Khardic named Grigori Lowska aka. Grigori the Bear (received a komendation from Yegoruv Ilyevich for service. He founded the infamous “Scrapyard”. He was the first in our family to join the Red Anvil Bratya in Korsk)

Character sheet: Iron Kingdoms Character Sheet

Wrecker chr sheet:Iron Kingdoms Character Sheet

Rabies chr sheet:Iron Kingdoms Character Sheet

Mr. Fisty chr sheet:Iron Kingdoms Character Sheet

Aka. Corinth Lunari aka. Raven- Ranger / Thief / Artificer

Character sheet: D&D Character Sheet

Tom has short dark brown hair that is usually unkempt, but in a stylish, I don’t really give a sh*t what you think, kind of way. His beard is usually 2 days overgrown, and he commonly wears a t-shirt and jeans, though he will rock a leather jacket from time to time. His style is comfort first, bullsh*t second.

is a a little taller than average, and a little skinny, but he puts off an imposing shadow when he wants to. He usually sits against the wall with his hands in his pockets when he’s bored or waiting for something to happen. Tom is the kind of guy who is always working the angle, ever the constant salesman too. He knows the value of a dollar and he wants to stuff as many in his pocket at a time as he can.

Tom Fortner Origins:

Tom hails from the inner city. Raised by adopted parents he grew up on the streets of LA. After meeting his biological cousin, “Tony” in grade school the two literally became as thick as thieves, running everything from grade school extortion rackets to fixing little league baseball games. Tony’s influence caused Tom to step out into a world where you make your bone with wit, charisma and a ballsy/stupid moves. Despite the efforts of his adopted parents.

Tony’s uncle Charles is a big to-do Businessman, and so the two boys for the most part seem to narrowly avoid most scrapes in part due to his influential nature. It’s unclear to Tom if his uncle has anything to do with the things that he and Tony get caught up in, as he never gets his hands dirty. Also it seems that there was bad blood between Tony’s folks and his uncle, because the man nearly refuses to talk to him. All he has ever been able to get out of the man regarding his parents is that they died in some sort of accident, like a car crash…but if there’s more he’s not saying.

Tom and Tony went to college to fix college basketball games and work on their “craft” of making an easy buck, but the two soon found the college life was riddled with rules and work, and the two soon found themselves enrolled full-time in a life of criminal enterprise. With his ability to talk himself out of “any” situation Tom was always great at staying one step ahead of the cops. His one weakness is a “pretty girl”. On more than one occasion Tom has been out of position or late for “work” because he had to stop and check out a lady and get her number. Whether he actually gets it or not is a whole different story, but he’s always trying. This annoys Tony to no end, but people can’t help who they are, right?

After a particularly lucrative job where his only job was to “drive the F**king truck!” according to his cousin Tony. Tom found himself handcuffed on the hood of a moving truck he had been driving. The female undercover agent just shook her head when he pulled up next to her black sedan and ask for her number. What she found when she opened the moving truck would later be described on the local Arizona and Nevada news stations as the largest narcotic and illegal weapons seizure in a decade. Though he maintained complete denial of the truck’s contents (a fact that would later earn him his freedom), the FBI took possession of a wide assortment of drugs, assault rifles, and stolen electronics to top it off. As it turns out the “hot” under cover agent had had been following them for some time, and when he approached her she thought that her cover was blown and so she sprang the trap. Besides according to her testimony he had already crossed the state line and elevated his crime to the Federal level.


Somehow in the shuffle Tom went right into prison and his cousin Tony went free. In the back of his mind Tom always wondered if his cousin had turned him in or flipped on some of their accomplices, or had his father put some pressure on the prosecutor, because his cousin, Tony, only ever spent one night in jail, and that was it. Uncle Charles looked right through him that day, when he came to pick up his son from lockup and left Tom there to rot.


But Tom did well for himself in prison. He fought the fights he had to and quickly got involved with the prison’s supply chain/commissary. In fact when his cousin Tony came to visit him he talked him into becoming his supplier on the outside, and the two went right back to business as usual. Tom started working in the library, and started “Tom’s Book Club”, a cover for drug, weapon, and contraband trafficking within the federal prison system. He helped pass messages and other vital information and became untouchable by nearly all of the gangs and his fellow inmates.


After a couple years in the pen, he was approached by this old guy in a nice suit. Thinking it was a lawyer sent by his uncle Tom agreed to meet with him. When Dr. Johnson started spouting off about how interested he was in Tom’s DNA, Tom was a little weirded out. Seeing that he was reticent Dr. Johnson went on to explain that there was a very rare genetic mutation in Tom’s blood, and he wanted to learn more about it. The only slight snag was that Tom had to convince Dr. Johnson that he was innocent, which was hard to do, even for Tom. When he did finally convince Doc Johnson, the old guy offered him a job as a scientist/guinea pig (according to Tom). Dr. Johnson told him his company, the Infinity Foundation, would cover his legal expenses, get him out of jail, and they even sweatened the pot with an $80k paycheck. To that Tom naturally said, “where do i sign?”. He did add the stipulation…“Throw in a steak dinner and you’ve got yourself a deal”, and when Dr. Johnson agreed he was in.

∞ Tom Fortner

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