∞ Nathan "Nate" Hoyle

Ex-Soldier, Prepper


Sandy blond hair, 6’ 2", blue eyes, right shoulder has an Air Force tattoo, slim, fit, every man face that blends in


Born to poor parents in Tucson, Nate has seen a rough childhood. His mother succumbed to drugs when he was 5, and at age 10 his father dropped him off at the baby sitter and never came back. Foster care was a learning experience, and Nate felt fortunate to escape it and enter the army at 18. Testing well for support skills he was placed back in the town he sought to escape at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. As part of the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, Nate was exposed to all kinds of equipment and soon became an avid and extreme prepper. For several years Nate managed to get average performance reviews and stay out of the spot light. After angering his sergeant by catching some irregularities with the supply inventory records he ended up as the scapegoat for some “mis-shipped” supplies. Nate now finds himself out of the Air Force with an other than honorable discharge and no immediate prospects. His job at Millers Surplus allows him to dig deeper into prepping but there is little else tying him to Tucson.

∞ Nathan "Nate" Hoyle

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