∞ Dr. Malak Helbram




Dr. Malak Helbram is the leading researcher at the Infinity Foundation. A brilliant man in his 60s, he has mastered several disciplines, and serves as the staff physician as well as heading the Foundation’s Genetics Research Lab. It was his research that identified the Quantum Gene, and was able to confirm its existence in the characters.

In the original Alpha world, Dr. Helbram was no more or less than he appeared, a brilliant scientist working at the Foundation for the betterment of mankind. However, after slipping through two Beta World walls, the characters found themselves in an alternate world where Dr. Helbram had gone mad with the power of what he discovered. Having already arranged for the first test subject to disappear (subsequently having been experimented on and then murdered by the good doctor), he drugged the characters after they explained to the Foundation that they had managed to break through the walls that separate worlds. He then proceeded to do the same to the characters, killing them and covering up their deaths.

However, he could not have known that by slipping between worlds, the characters had become powerful enough to escape death. Resurrecting due to their Quantum Immortality, they cornered and attacked the doctor, bludgeoning him to death. Unbeknownst to the characters, he had already spliced their genes with his, giving him the same ability to manipulate probability and slip between worlds. With the characters awaiting trial safely in jail, he knew he would not be able to get to them in the current world, and made arrangements to follow them when they slipped worlds again. The characters have not seen the last of Dr. Helbram.


Helbram has been revealed to be residing inside Van Obern, the head of Vinter Raelthorne’s Inquisitors. Though disfigured in their first confrontation, the characters have not seen the last of him.

∞ Dr. Malak Helbram

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