∞ Hon. Joseph Simmons



Joe is 39 years old, six feet 3 inches tall, and weighs 200 pounds. He is lean and fast for such a tall guy. He is of African descent.


His honor, Judge Joseph Simmons, was born 39 years ago in Oakland, CA, the son of a small time boxer, mechanic, and odd jobsman “Iron” Idris Simmons and political activist/ librarian Michelle Simmons. Joe was the oldest of 5 kids: he has three brothers and a sister. Because his mom had a steady job, and his father had unsteady ones and was often otherwise incapacitated by injuries or alcohol, Joe and his younger siblings were often looked after by their mother’s sisters LaKisha and Patsy, or her brother TJ. Joe occasionally got into fights as a kid while defending his younger siblings, at one point actually getting rough with a cop who was harassing one of his brothers, which got him into some trouble, but he got a deferment plea and when he turned 18 his record was clean. Through middle school and high school he trained as a boxer with his father and at karate with his uncle TJ. In high school he got involved with Mixed Martial Arts fighting and was considered pretty good, and believed he could go pro. His senior year he met his future wife, Rene Bell, and fell in love. She encouraged him to go to college, where he kept up his MMA fighting, but, to placate his prospective father-in-law, also started taking the first steps towards a legal career.

In law school he distinguished himself on the Moot Court team, and interned with his father-in-law’s firm Bell Brown & McNulty. At age 25 he passed the California bar and took a job with the District Attorney’s office in Oakland, where he worked for twelve years before his father in law pulled some strings and got him appointed to a judgeship in San Francisco County Superior Court at age 37. The next year he faced election, but was unopposed. During this period of his life, Joe often regretted that he had not pursued his dreams of professional MMA fighting, but tried to satisfy that urge by sponsoring fighters, training with fighters after hours, and betting on fights. His gambling problem eventually led Rene to leave him, which started a downward spiral for him. His father died four years ago from liver failure, and around the time of the divorce his younger brother John had died in a car crash due to drinking.

He is now beginning to hear rumors that when he faces re-election in 2 years, he will have to defend he will no longer be unopposed. There’s a whisper campaign against him that he used various intimidation tactics with witnesses while he was a prosecutor, that he accepted bribes to cut deals with defendants both as a prosecutor and as a judge. Due to the appearance of impropriety, something he has been succesfully able to avoid until this point in his career, Joe is currently on a leave of absence, trying to get his head together. Given his particular set of vices (gambling, alcohol, violence) he probably should not have gone to Las Vegas, but there you have it.

∞ Hon. Joseph Simmons

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