D&D Gorin Stormsbane

Dwarf of Clan Melairkyn, Lead Anvil Artificer Guild, Intendant Powder Master


Gorin Stormsbane is a shield dwarf hailing from the Melairkyn Clan. He is a master weapon crafter in the ranks of the Lead Anvil Artificer Guild. He stands just over 4’ tall and his entire torso and back are covered in sprawling red arcane sigils. He keeps his hair fairly short, with a scraggly strawberry blonde beard and two side braids that come down just under each side-burn.



Gorin frequents the roads from Baldur’s Gate, as his inventions often require him to travel to larger cities to acquire rare materials used in their creation. He’s made this trip numerous times, and he usually finds employ as a caravan guard to help fund his research. He is a typical dwarf in that he is strong willed and determined no matter what the odds. He believes that anything can be built if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and put the work in on it. He learned this from his father, who as it was customary took him as an apprentice when he was 10 years old. Ever since, he’s been building and inventing anything he can get his hands on. He’s somewhat notorious in his clan for taking things apart (and not always being able to put them back together), and he freely admits it. This natural curiosity about knowing how things work is what gets him up in the morning.

Gorin met Raven on a caravan trip from Baldur’s Gate. He noticed right away that the moon elf was wearing a dwarven beard medal in his hand, and when he inquired as to how he came about it, Raven somewhat reluctantly told him it was a gift from the Castillion for an engineering feat he performed there recently. This peaked Gorin’s interest and the two soon found themselves going over schematics and blueprints. Though Raven usually liked to avoid conversation there was something about this dwarf that he could relate to. Whether it be their love of engineering, his full set of tattoos, or the fact that he encouraged Raven to build his first exploding arrow.

He has a pair of battle axes, one with a retrofitted handle that contains his thunder stick. He’s always up for a rousing story, a mug of strong ale, and blowing up anything!

D&D Gorin Stormsbane

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