Adventure Log 20- Waking the Dragon Cult

aka. How do they make purple markers?


Wow guys we made it 20 sessions, that’s nuts!

Here are the Audio Logs, happy Turkey Day to all:

Part One: Click here

Part Two: Click here

Part Three: Click here

Part Four: Click here

Part Five: Click here

Part Six: Click here


Wow. Just… wow. That’s an image I’m not getting out of my head any time soon. I look forward to listening to this in the run up to next month!


D’Angelo (in Draconic): We need reinforcements! This way!
Marros, Matrim, Raven: shake their heads



Comments on Part 2:
D’Angelo and the Cultist: appearing at a tavern near you! With their new hit single: Riders On the Drakes.

“D’Angelo’s not a bad guy!” ~observation after D’Angelo obeys the voices in his head and kills/ saves a guy in order to obtain information.


Comments on Part 3:
Welcome to Fumbledome: 2 Mercs Enter… hey, where’s my spear???


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