Adventure Log 19- Our journey from Iron Kingdoms through Jackson Ayres-ville with a final stop in Forgotten Realms

aka. When Dragons Attack!!!


Last Session was friggin Awesome. It took the cake for a number of reasons. The first was kicking Tovaresh in the teeth, which lets just face it felt good. Not only did we get to do some mass-warfare, but it was awesome that we flawlessly talked our way in the front gate. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I picked up Mr. Fisty. For some reason I have a soft spot for those Kolstot labor jacks.

Additionally it was awesome to actually meet the bearded wonder, Jackson Ayres; The most interesting man in the universe! Not to mention that we all picked up our first orbited ability: Quantum Gate. I must say that another of my favorite moments was getting to suit up as Eon and blasting those Nixxarian bastards out of the sky!

Finally I would be remiss if I didn’t say how kick ass it was to play D&D again. It’s a totally strange to have a hard time getting a word in edge wise with any of Jacob’s characters. As for my favorite moments there, it’s a total toss up for me between Marros and Matrom spouting Tyr nonsense at all of us 24-7, and trying to understand the shifty motives of D’Angelo.

I think we have several options when it comes to adventuring company name. My favorites are as follows:
1. The Brotherhood
2. The Brotherhood of Steel
2. Band of Brothers
3. Brothers in Arms
4. All in the family
5. Strange Relations
6. The Danger Bros

Let me know what you guys think…

Anywho, without further ado, here are the audio files. They are broken up into 6 parts:

Part One: Click here
Part Two: Click here
Part Three: Click here
Part Four: Click here
Part Five: Click here
Part Six: Click here

We ended this session just as we were about to head out and go rescue other villagers, and lead them back to the relative safety of the keep. A big nasty blue dragon is still flying around, and we have ears to collect brothers!!!



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