Adventure Log 18- A tale of Bratya Warfare, Graylord Coups, Khador's Pockets & Orgoth Slave Rings

aka. The Winter Wolves- Khador's Most Wanted


Click here to see the banner full sized. I had a fun time writing the copy…you should check it out!

This was Jacob’s first session remote, and as I’m sure you can tell the audio quality hardly suffered at all. Other than us talking about his virtual presence you would never know he wasn’t there in the room with us, which is pretty awesome!

Anyway we had a great session and managed not to die or get tricked too badly. The following links are the audio tracks. I did a massive amount of editing this time around. I removed long pauses or times where we shuffled through papers, etc looking for info. And I enhanced the audio volume. Hopefully you like the decibel boost it adds. I didn’t have to crank it up on my stereo in the car this time around, which is exactly what I was shooting for. Anyway without further ado, I present you with the Audio Log for Adventure #18:

Part One: Click here
Part Two: Click here
Part Three: Click here
Part Four: Click here
Part Five: Click here
Part Six: Click here
Part Seven: Click here
Part Eight: Click here
Part Nine: Click here

We ended the session in the Captal of Korsk, waiting for Z. We got 4xp our efforts.



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